Current Build is only playable with gamepad in Chrome
Additionnally you may want to enable webgl for chrome.

Open Google Chrome. In the address bar, type chrome://flags/, and press Enter.

Scroll to Disable WebGL - Enabling this option prevents web applications from accessing the WebGL API, and click Enable:

Click Relaunch Now. Google Chrome will restart and your new settings will be applied


Known Bugs

-Menutext doesn't display in browser version

-The Dialogue box disapears before the contents are finished typing

-The mc falls thru the destructible tiles and gets stuck
-Animation management is weird

-When you press start and go to the options the cursor/selector is not assigned to the top slot

-When the mc grabs a ledge there is some jittery movement, especially when there is allot of transferred momentum

-sometimes instead of grabbing the ledge the mc kinda floats there

-when u try to aim while swimming in the water the camera totally freaks out

-pathfinding breaks sometimes for the enemies

-the dumplings that are supposed to float based on their ids gets messed up sometimes. Resulting in situations where u might not be able to finish the area

-when you throw boxes the box stops 100 px next to the mc and stays fixed in that position untill the player presses b to drop it.

-sometimes the camera spazzes out and fucks up the y-scrolling

- on the level cleared screen the enemies don't get assigned their right x and y values and spaces them too far apart

-fullscreen requesting doesnt work inbrowser , but it does work in the exe versions


setup32.exe 28 MB
setup64.exe 28 MB

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